Page 1: NaNo Novel

A place where insanity steps towards reality spans across the world. The sky is filled with dark purple clouds, and almost appears like smog. A taller than average girl walks slowly, peacefully though a field, and stops to pick a wildflower. She brings it to her nose and pulls in a small, deep breath; a small smile crosses her lips as she inhales the pleasant aroma. Just then, appearing to be unprovoked, her eyes flash side to side and narrow. Her hair blows harshly across her face, creating a scarf effect in the wind. Her stance becomes defensive, and she looks as though she’s seen a ghost or something worse. She looks quickly around her, and realizes that there’s nothing there. The feeling of danger and worry does not dissipate, and begins to escalate. She begins to run towards her village, and glances behind her at regular intervals as she does, despite her knowledge that nothing lays behind her within the distance her vision can see.

Back at her village, she seeks out the elder. She must inform the Elders of the feeling that overtook her, and ensure that it is nothing to fret. She makes it to the Elder’s hut, and greets the men standing outside. “Is Elder Garande in?” she asks politely but briskly. “Yes, Eliana, but she is currently speaking with your mother. They must not be disturbed” said the man stationed outside, which Eliana recognized as one of the village’s militia men named Leonin. “I must speak with her, and soon. Let her know that when you can.” Eliana said quickly, and walked away without waiting for a response. Most of the young women of her village would not be permitted to speak to anyone, especially not a member of the militia, like that. But she had been known to See things before they happen, and so they tolerated her sharp way of speaking. Most of them did, that is, but not all of them. She did not much care for those who did not appreciate her difference; she had become accustomed to being looked down on.

Eliana looked different from the other members of the tribe, and she had come to accept that she was different. Her eyes shone a bright blue where others were a deep brown. Her hair was straight and pitch black, giving the appearance of absorbing any darkness and yet shining almost blindingly in the light, where others was shades of brown. Her skin was also very pale, and almost glowed in the moonlight, where the others had a deep golden tone. Even her height, which stood at 5’11”, she towered over all the women and a large majority of the men. Even her mother and father did not have the same physical aspects as her, both of them having the same physicality of the other Shroughans. Growing up, she felt very outcasted, but now she felt as though it was her purpose to be different and to help her tribe through whatever difficulties lay ahead despite being shunned and almost despised.

Being sent off by Leonin had made her skin itch, and she did not particularly appreciate being looked at with the longing eyes that she knew were following her. She felt a very strong need, almost a compulsion, to speak with Elder Garande immediately. She felt that any delays could mean devastation, but attempted to calm herself down by thinking that it could not matter that much to wait a few hours. She knew that when the Elder did not want disruptions, she did not want disruptions. So she returned to her hut, and set about tidying the already clean floor, and arranging and rearranging the furniture, just to keep her hands and mind occupied.

Elder Garande was the main Elder in her village, and she was a fierce woman at that. Having grown up in various states of civil unrest and war, she knew how to deal with all types of people from all types of background. She was a shorter woman, with age having worn away slightly at her bones, but when she spoke she may as well have been seven feet tall. Her presence was immense, and she commanded herself and the other Elders in such a way that ensured that no miscommunications could occur. Her eyes were a bright and insightful light brown, and her hair was mainly white but still maintained the dark brown wisps here and there. Her skin was surprisingly smooth for her age, and she ensured that her demeanor and speech would consistently leave people guessing at her true age.


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