NaNo Novel: Page 2

 Eliana eventually sat on the chair by the entrance of her hut, and began to meditate. She brought back the memories of the draft of fear and danger she felt in the field, and attempted to amplify them. Trying to make sense of it all, she focuses her thoughts towards that first instance that caught her attention; that first wave of unease that took her, even before the fear stepped in. She caught a brief flicker of something, something that she had not felt before her meditation, and she grabbed it with her mind. Pulling the thought closer, she found that it started with a person, a man; a man who had deep, dark hair like hers, and bright blue eyes like hers. This person permeated an evilness that she had never known, and it intrigued her and scared her at the same time.

A loud noise snapped her out of her focus, and she opened her eyes quickly. Too quickly, as her eyes attempted to refocus she got dizzy and nauseous. “Eliana,” a stern voice spoke firmly, “Is it true that you spoke without respect to one of the militia men?” Eliana realized before she could focus that her mother had come home. She decided to close her eyes again before answering, “Yes mother, I did.” Her mother just sighed deeply, and walked away. Eliana jumped up off the stool, having finally regained her balance and stability, and went to walk out the door. Her mother turned and looked at her, a strange look that she had never seen before, then turned back and walked further into the hut.

Eliana thought on that look for a moment, but decided that speaking to Elder Garande was pressing, and she could discuss matters with her mother later. She continued to head out the door, and walked briskly back to the Elder’s hut. She did not even look around to see who she was passing and not acknowledging. Part of her worried that she would be spoken of behind her back, but the majority of her mind was focused on getting this information to the Elder.

She slowed down just as she approached the hut she was aiming for, and slowed down to a confident stroll just a few meters away from the entrance. Leonin was still standing out in front of the door, and nodded to her as she approached. “She is free and she is expecting you,” he said in a warm voice, despite the harsh tone she had used on him only an hour or so before. “Thank you Leonin, I appreciate you passing on the message for me.” She smiled as warmly as she could at him. With that, she walked through the door, and put her left knee on the ground, leaned her forehead to her right knee and waited for acknowledgement.

“Eliana, my child, what brings you here in such a pressing manner that you would near barge in on a council sitting?” asked a deceptively frail sounding voice that held respect, contempt and frustration all at once. Eliana stayed in her kneeling position and waited the respectful three breaths before answering. “I have Seen and it was a danger,” she said calmly, “Great danger to our village, and great danger to all those alive.” The Elder was silent for a moment and then replied, “Rise, my child, and sit with me.”

Slowly and smoothly, Eliana first raised her head, keeping her eyes downcast. She then put her foot parallel to the other that was already flat on the ground, and straightened her spine upwards. Once her whole spine was straightened, she also straightened her neck and lifted her eyes to finally meet with the Elder’s. She walked confidently towards the benches, and took a seat across from Elder Garande. Maintaining eye contact was essential to earning and keeping respect among the Elders, and she had worked too hard at earning that respect to risk losing it now. She looked Elder Garande in the eyes, and kept a soft look to her eyes so as not to give away too much of the thoughts she was carrying. She did not want to worry the Elder unnecessarily and hoped that her Vision had just been her imagination. She sorely doubted it, but she continued to hope.

“Now, Eliana, tell me of this Sighting you experienced. Include every detail, and I will not interrupt,” she said quickly, and then closed her eyes to listen completely and immerse herself in the words which would come from Eliana’s mouth. So Eliana collected her thoughts quickly, closed her eyes and focused on what she had seen and felt. Then she began, “I was outside the village, about half a mile, picking wildflowers. We had not had wildflowers in our hut for so long, as the weather has not been warm enough to sustain them. I found one that was perfect, it was white with pale pink accents, and a soft yellow centre. It smelled like heaven on earth, and so I picked it and was going to put it in my hair for safe keeping.


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