Opinion piece: Peace and Pacifism

continuation of this post on my other site

In a world that seems divided and overwhelmed with misery and violence, is it possible to find the source of it all? In terms of determining what is important and what isn’t, people get so caught up in the need to be right. But in knowing that each person has their own unique and different perspective on any given situation, can any one person be right? Each person’s view on a subject will be that their opinion is right, but does that mean that everyone else’s view and interpretation is wrong? I don’t think so.

If it were possible to take a step back, for everyone to take a step back, and look at the fact that everyone is right then would there still be anger and violence? Maybe, but I think it would be less. Less because others would be more accepting of different views, less because the different views would be taken as what they are instead of taken as a personal attack. If you have faith in your own views and opinions, then you would not feel attacked or put off by someone with a difference in views and opinions. Taking the defensive indicates lack of confidence in yourself, is that the message you are trying to send out?

Believing in your own opinion and your own thoughts is tantamount. Using your beliefs to attack others will only cause unrest and malcontentment. Listen to opinions with an open mind, keeping in your own mind that you can disregard the opinion if you don’t find it valid. But don’t attack others based on their opinion, differences is what make us unique and add to the depth that is humanity.

Caring for others even if you do not believe or have faith in the same things and carry the same thoughts as they do creates compassion. Compassion breeds caring and understanding. A world that is full of compassion and understanding can flourish and be sustained. Less focus on differences being negative, and create more focus on how differences can help us move forward as a species and increase our own level of humanity. Always remember that others are always open to compassion and understanding as long as they feel that they themselves are being treated with compassion and understanding.


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