NaNo Novel: In Telar

Upon hearing the words translated that had come from Pagelle’s gentle mouth, she took in the appearance of the increasingly confident woman that stood, more hunched than stood, before her. Her incredibly dark and full hair was shining the light of the torches from all around, and yet also absorbing the dark of the shadows, despite being filthy and matted together. Eliana gasped in slightly, her eyes opened wider. Pagelle’s eyes, now that they had fully opened, were a bright ice blue that appeared full of renewed life and energy, apart from the dark purple shadows that loomed beneath them. “She’s like me…” She whispered to herself. She cast her eyes downward, and looked at the others who had begun coming forward.

Pagelle stepped forward once more and now stood face to face with Eliana. She stretched her long arms outwards then wrapped them firmly around her. Eliana stood there in shock, she had never experienced any sort of affection towards her, she had always been shoved aside or pushed away, and now did not know how to handle this closeness in proximity to another. Especially not another that was just like her physically. She raised her arms slowly, uncertainly, and wrapped them around the frail looking woman and held her somewhat firmly until she felt the woman let her go.

As she was embracing Pagelle, Eliana noticed that there were quite a few others that were emerging from the corner of the cell. She was shocked to see a larger variety of physical appearances in the few people who had been imprisoned than she had even imagined existed. There was a man and a woman who both had the deep golden skin, brown hair and brown eyes that were of average height. There were two women who were taller than average with full and shiny black hair that curled up like a mat of fluff on top of their heads with golden brown skin and light brown eyes. There were two men who were slightly shorter than average, but not as short as Ignon, with dark brown skin that matched their dark brown eyes and tightly curled black hair. Eliana did not know what to say to them as they each thanked her, in their own language, for freeing them. She did not need Ignon to translate, for she understood what they were trying to say based on their thankful facial expressions and open body language. She simply smiled and nodded to each of them as they walked past her to the upper level of the hall.

Pagelle pulled away from her slightly and looked her straight in the eyes. She spoke a few words, and Ignon translated them quickly, “You look confused. Are you alright? I hope I did not upset you.” Eliana smiled ever so slightly and looked at her and replied, “I am confused, that is for sure, for I have never seen such a variety of physical appearances in people. I myself am an anomaly among the others in my tribe, and always felt that I was the only one. Seeing you forces me to realize and reassess the truths that I was told where I am from. Do not worry, I will be alright.” With that, she released herself from Pagelle’s embrace and walked slowly over towards the door deep in thought.

As Eliana strode slowly over towards the door, she realized that Pagelle was catching up to her. She did not take note of it, she was in a total daze. As she reached the door, she turned slightly to face Ignon. “Thank you for all your help, Ignon, I must be on my way.” Her voice was hazy and unfocused. Ignon looks at her with concern, and pulled a ratty old piece of paper that had been folded and refolded quite a few times. “Here, for your journey.” He handed her the simple looking paper, and scuttled off to lock up the three men that had been terrorizing the village of Telar. Eliana took the folded paper into her left hand and brushed her right hand over it slowly to feel the quality and wear of it. She unfolds it gently, not wanting to risk damaging it somehow, and opens it fully between her hands. It’s a worn map of Telar and the surrounding areas. She sucks in a soft but surprised gasp. She turns once more and starts to say, “Thank yo…” and realizes that he is no longer near enough for her to see in the dim light further into the imprisonment chamber. A small smile dances onto her lips, and she heads up the stairs. Pagelle is still following her silently as she walks back through the great hall and through the auditorium where she first met the three men who had changed their own fates in challenging her.


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