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January 12, 2011

Adult drama – Chapter 1 (untitled)

The computer sat in the corner, untouched for who knows how long. The dust that was building up on it’s surface was an indicator that it had been longer than two weeks, but it was hard to tell. A small bundle of fur and dust drifted up into the air as a small gust entered from the hallway. Heavy boots thudded in the background loudly, despite the fact that the man was trying to walk softly. A task near impossible due to his gait as well as the weight of his large work boots. He muttered to himself ‘what a dump’ before letting his large suitcase drop onto the floor and walked into the living room.

The thunderous weight of his steps echoed through the entire loft, and he soon gave up trying to step lightly. The landlord would not be impressed that he was wearing his boots in the main areas of the loft, but he did not care. That matter could be dealt with when it came around, as far as he was concerned. He shifted his eyes to gaze over the whole of the area before him.

The loft was completely empty and void of furniture apart from the solitary computer which sat in the corner. There was no desk or chair around it, or anywhere in that forsaken place, and he became slightly puzzled, ‘why on earth would someone just leave a perfectly good computer in a dump like this?’ He shrugged and walked over to it. He lifted up the keyboard and gave the whole thing a quick inspection. Not being very technologically savvy, he blew the dust off and decided it should function. The power button lit up when he pressed it, and the monitor came to life.

As he waited for the computer to finish loading, he set about retrieving his bag from the hallway and dug a small bar out of one of the side pockets. He grabbed a small handkerchief from the main pocket and wiped his face and hands with it quickly before ripping the packaged food open and digging in. Just as he finished devouring that single snack bar, a loud knock was heard as it echoed through the empty rooms. The man rolled his eyes frustratedly and walked to the door.

Just as he stepped forward to open it, the door swung open and a stocky woman was just putting her hand back to her waist. “I was wondering when you’d get here” the large man said gruffly. “Nice dump you picked out.” she smiled as innocently as she could, which looked like more of a grimace of pain than a smile, and strode confidently into the loft.

Two small and frail looking men stood hunched in fear behind her, dragging her heavy and cumbersome luggage into the loft. The man eyed them oddly and they shied away from his gaze. “Don’t mind them, Aldar. They aren’t worth your attention,” the woman said, a voice surprisingly silky and elegant despite her intimidating appearance. He let the two pathetic looking men drag her belongings into one of the rooms, and watched them as they set about organizing and sorting her things just so. They had been well trained, and they feared her.

Aldar was jealous, but he decided that he didn’t need pathetic followers to do his work when he could do a better job himself. Not to mention that it was easier to stay under the radar when you don’t have lanky creatures following you everywhere. “Elsie, don’t you know how to stay low anywhere you go?” he asked harshly as he walked towards the main room once more. She looked up at him as she was seated comfortably on the floor, rummaging through his bag.

He felt his anger flare up and moved forward to push her away from his stuff. “Damnit, El, get out of my crap!” He snatched his bag up and threw it over his shoulder. Elsie stood up abruptly and glared at him. “What is your problem? I found us a place, didn’t I?” Aldar walked away angrily and slammed the door shut behind him. ‘Women.’ he thought to himself. ‘always fucking up and thinking they did you a favour. How the hell did I manage to get stuck with this one?’ He pulled a rolled up mat out from his bag and rolled it out on the floor. After flattening it out most of the way, he lowered himself onto it and curled up trying to find a comfortable position to fall asleep.

In the other room, Elsie was still frustrated with Aldar for being such a brute. ‘Men.’ she thought to herself, ‘always fucking up and thinking they know better than you. Fucking Barlyn is an asshole for picking me for this run.’ She summoned one of the lackeys she had picked up over to her, and told him to make her a bed. Once he had the bedroll set up and laid out nicely, she sent them both away to sleep in the hallway and squirmed around until she got comfortable enough to fall asleep.